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Welcome! We are Going in our 25ft year,  Climatisation SP Chauffage Installs, fixes and performs maintenance on any heating and cooling systems, whatever the source of energy, oiled heated or electric  If you have questions regarding the efficiency of your system or need some assistance on new systems on the market, we can help you choose the appropriate system that will meet your needs. Please contact us, it will be a great pleasure to serve you as best we can, we will share our expertise for you to save on energy cost on either your heating or air conditioning system. Here are some Systems that we install and service.

Heating and cooling systems

  1. Bullet   Oiled water furnaces

  2. Bullet   Electric water furnaces

  3. Bullet   Oiled hot air furnaces

  4. Bullet   Electric hot air furnaces

  5. Bullet   Central air conditioner

  6. Bullet   Wall mounted air conditioner

  7. Bullet   Central Heat pump

  8. Bullet   Wall mounted heat pump

  9. Bullet   Ventilation

  10. Bullet   Plumbing

  11. Bullet   Electronic thermostats

  12. Bullet   Oil burners

  13. Bullet   Electronic air filters

  14. Bullet   Humidifiers

  15. Bullet   Ventilation duct


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We are resellers of the best equipments on the market, who meets all government standards, and we possess all the licenses necessary.

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